A mosquito trap is a serious investment, one that will impact the comfort you can expect to enjoy while in your home; and as with any investment, you should give careful consideration to your choice of a mosquito trap.

Most mosquito traps are designed to do one thing; trap mosquitoes and kill them. However, not all mosquito traps can achieve this goal as consistently or effectively as they claim; and the price for which they are purchased matters.

Even with the myriads of mosquito traps on the market and the impressive results they tend to deliver, though, one is discouraged against depending solely on traps to solve their mosquito problems. All homeowners are expected to pursue effective mosquito control programs, of which traps are just one part.

How mosquito traps work

The best traps take advantage of the very strengths a mosquito depends upon when hunting. Often flying 25 feet or so off the ground, one of a female mosquito’s most powerful tools is its antennae, with which it can detect the carbon dioxide escaping an individual’s lungs.

Capable of detecting an impressive 340 chemical odors, a mosquito’s antennae are complemented by hundreds of tiny eyes capable of spotting and distinguishing prey. The insect’s maxillary palpus, located on its head, is sensitive to heat and aids mosquitoes in their efforts to detect warm-blooded prey.

The purpose of most traps is to fool the sensory abilities of the mosquito, mimicking the smells and visual stimuli they often associate with people, the idea being to lure them into containers where they perish.

For a trap to properly execute its purpose, it must be positioned correctly. Most homeowners can do no more than try different locations until they find the right spot for their traps.

Features of Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps come in a number of brands and models. While these brands and models might differ in terms of their approach to killing mosquitoes, they share a number of features, these including the following:

-Lighting Arrays

The best traps have an array of lights that flash both the visible and invisible spectrums, oscillating those frequencies that have been proven to attract mosquitoes. The Mega-catch has one of the most powerful light systems on the market.

-Attractant Lures

Most traps feature a fragrant strip of one sort or another that, as the name suggests, tricks the senses of mosquitoes and lures them into the trap. Different brands utilize lures that are effective against different species of mosquitoes.

-Heat systems

Any brand of trap you will find on the market most likely utilizes a heat emission system of sorts that attracts mosquitoes once they are close enough.

-Catch System

Every trap requires some sort of system that catches and traps mosquitoes. The Mosquito magnet, for instance, makes use of a vacuum and catch net. The Kooatron, on the other hand, uses a capture cup.

With the Mega-catch, mosquitoes are sucked into the catch bag by a powerful fan.

With mosquito traps coming in all sizes and forms, it is essential that you take your particular needs into account before selecting a trap that most effectively satiates your requirements.